Isle of Mull Cheese Co
J Reade & Sons
Sgriob-Ruadh Farm
By Tobermory
Isle of Mull
PA75 6QD
Tel:01688 302627

iomc_meats.jpgFamous for their award-winning truckles of cheddar and their delicious blue cheese - see Scottish Cheese Trail section - they also rear pigs as part of their excellent environmental strategy, feeding the animals on the nutritious whey, a natural by product of cheesemaking.

In their farm shop they sell a tasty range of pork products, along with locally made
black pudding and seasonal game.

The dairy, bakery and houses are powered by a hydroelectric plant, wind turbine and log burners. Folk staying in the farm's holiday cottages can enjoy their indoor swimming pool,  heated with reclaimed heat from cooling the evening milk down and the air conditioning equipment used in the dairy!
They also have a wonderful cafe - see Places to Eat section.