Bread Matters
Macbiehill Farmhouse
EH46 7AZ
Tel:01968 660449

Andrew Whitley is the author of Bread Matters and co-founder of the UK’s Real Bread Campaign.  Andrew campaigns with thoughtfulness and commitment for better quality in our daily bread and an end to the adulteration of the staff of life. 

Having heard him in action he is The Bread and Grains expert and his courses are highly authoritative. They have a well equipped Baking Studio, an organic small holding and an online shop - indeed there is so much going on, click on their weblink for more details!

He created one of the UK’s first organicartisan bakeries (the Village Bakery Melmerby in Cumbria) and ran it for more than 25 years. When traveling in Russia he was inspired by their sourdoughs and launched a range of naturally fermenting breads.

Studying Food Policy and increasingly concerned over the state of British bread, he and Veronica co-founded Breadshare Community-supported Bakery and continue their campaigning, their latest being Scotland The Bread.

Scotland The Bread is one of the innovative enlightened agriculture projects in a pilot programme supported by Funding Enlightened Agriculture. It aims to engage the creative energies of people throughout the food chain in participatory research and collective action to produce better home-grown flour and bread. See website for more details. (Here they are at Royal Highland Show 2016).