Native Bred Aberdeen Angus
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Native Bred Aberdeen Angus beef has fine marbling that gives juicy flavoursome meat. It must be grass fed and suitably hung.  The meat is less grainy, more buttery and malleable in texture. There are dedicated farmers who still retain their pure bred herds but the Aberdeen Angus Society only needs the beasts to be sired by an Aberdeen Angus so they are no longer 100% pure bred. Aberdeen Angus is a famous name and popular on menus across the world but few realise that most of the time they are eating a cross bred animal.

The original herd dates back to the 1830’s, Herd Books dating from 1860’s. There were 9 cow families left when Geordie Soutar at Dunlouise rescued them from near extinction. This website is primarily for Livestock & Semen only.

Hardiesmill also rear Scotch Assured pedigree Aberdeen Angus in the traditional way, fed on grass and grass silage. Well hung beef from the finest Border countryside. 

For butchered beef and cuts please contact the Tukes at Hardiesmill on

photo: Julia Soutar