Isle of Skye Sea Salt
The Byre
The Old Manse Skeabost Bridge
IV51 9NP
Tel:01470 532308

This is a unique product of the environment from which it is harvested – the pure sea loch of Loch Snizort. It has a distinctive flavour of the sea – a real zing and sparkle on the palate with beneficial trace minerals from the sea loch. The beautiful flakes are easy to scrunch in your fingers so no need for a salt mill. Produced entirely naturally so you can enjoy the full flavor.

The Isle of Skye had salt pans over 300 years ago. In 1703, a small salt pan industry was set up by Magnus Prince. Peat was probably used to heat the water in large flat metal pans housed in a covered shed. Modern poly tunnels have allowed these producers to resume what was historically an important industry on Skye, in a carbon neutral way, using solar energy in a sustainably. It will always be in small quantities and is very special.

photo: Wendy Barrie