Shetland Kye
East Voe
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Shetland Kye Cattle are a small, well-proportioned, dual-purpose breed, with a small head and short inward-curving horns. This breed has been present in the Shetland Islands for the past 3000 years. Traditionally known as ‘The House Cow’, the Shetland Kye played an essential role in the life of the crofting family. 

The increasing trend for 'improvement & developing' saw the importation of larger mainland breeds to cross breed with native stock so the number of pure-bred Shetland cattle significantly reduced.

Ronnnie Eunson at Uradale Farm grazes his animals on this native heath and moorland resulting in a fine flavoured traditionally reared heritage breed. Check with Ronnie for delivery/stockists. Ronnie also rears Ark of Taste Native Shetland Sheep.

photo: Wendy Barrie

Ronnie Eunson & WB  on Shetland with Shetland Kye