Wendy Barrie's Award Winning Scottish Food Guide

Est. 2002, Scottish Food Guide is the ethical and independent web guide, providing professional quality assurance. Wendy is a campaigner for finest local produce and a popular cookery show presenter, providing expertise in food tourism, education and events.


Scottish Cheese Trail

Scotland has some of the world's finest cheeses, many handmade in superb rural locations, well worth a visit. Scottishcheesetrail will take you on a virtual gastronomic tour for you to savour all year round.

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Scottish Food Studio

Wendy’s Food Studio in Fife, for sustainable cooking courses, meetings, projects and bespoke events.

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Scottish Farm Shops

Family farms selling their produce. Many regularly attend farmers' markets but why wait for Saturdays when many are open all year round?

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Scottish Taste Buddies

An eclectic selection of food related links for kindred spirits.

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